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Fall Decor & DIY Trends You Have to Try this Season at The Mezzo

Fall Decor & DIY Trends You Have to Try this Season at The Mezzo

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Can you feel that crisp air yet? Smell those warming spices that are inviting? This fall season is the perfect opportunity to spice up your Mezzo apartment with new decor. Ready to see how you can decorate your space? Check these out.

Fall Decor You Need

You may see the same old when it comes to fall apartment decor. You'll want your home to be comfortable and inviting. But since it is the cozy season, here's what you need:

Cozy Pumpkin Pillows

That's right. This is essential for all the cozy spaces in your apartment, whether the living room or your bedroom.

Minimalist Pine Cone Print

Fall is the perfect time to switch up wall art. So why not replace it with this wall art for this season?

Try These DIY Projects This Season

There are a slew of projects you can take on as the weather gets colder. But here are the current DIY trends that you should partake in:

DIY Potpourri

Have you ever wondered what that wonderful aroma was in some people's homes? Now you can make your potpourri that will smell just like fall.

Falling Leaves

Eventually, you'll have guests over for dinner. So why not create these leaves for the dining room? It'll almost look like outside and make your space even more inviting.

Apartment Living at the Mezzo

Fall is a wonderful time because of the colors and fresh changes. It's beautiful in Sacramento, and you should definitely check out Virrea Farms, as they will have a pumpkin patch and many seasonal fruits and vegetables available. After you're done picking out your pumpkin, you should head home to enjoy your new fall apartment decor that is waiting for you to enjoy!

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